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Stay Ahead of the Storm: Get Your Ducks in a Row to Protect Your Pets this Hurricane Season

A pug in the rain

Hey there, pet parent! We are less than a month away from Hurricane Season in Florida! Let's talk about how to keep your furry friends safe during emergencies because, let's face it, they're family too! Here are some tips to help you prep for the unexpected with your pets in mind:

Create a game plan: When you have a plan in place for your pets, you'll be a pro at making quick decisions during a crisis. Remember, if you evacuate, your pet should evacuate too. Don't leave your fur babies behind to fend for themselves – that's a no-no!

What should be in your plan, you ask? Well:

- Have an evacuation strategy for your pets.

- Set up a buddy system with neighbors or friends.

- Get your pet microchipped and keep the contact info updated.

- Reach out to your local animal shelter for guidance.

Pack a special kit for your pet: Just like you prep an emergency kit for your family, remember that pets need their own supplies too. Think about the essentials like food, water, meds, and comfort items. Trust me, it's important! 

Here's what you might include:

- Food and water supply for a few days.

- Medications in a waterproof container.

- First aid kit for pets (vet approved!).

- Collar, leash, and ID tags.

- Travel bag or carrier for each pet.

- Grooming products for a quick clean-up.

- Sanitation items (can't forget the litter box!).

- A snap of you and your pet (in case you two get separated).

- Familiar toys or treats to keep stress at bay.

So, there you have it! Get your emergency plan in order, pack up a kit for your furry pals, and remember to stay cool under pressure. Your pets will thank you later – maybe with some extra snuggles!

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