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Our clinic believes it is important for owners to know who is working with their pet. We have provided the list below of the companies we use and recommend when caring for your little one. Our doctors stay up to date with any new medications, treatments, or products available and utilize these companies so your pet can get the best care possible.


Our online pharmacy is powered by our partner Covetrus. Online pharmacies can be simple and cost effective; however, we have discovered that many pharmacies are supplying counterfeit, mislabeled, and mishandled products. For these reasons, we now ONLY authorize prescription requests from our online pharmacy, Covetrus. 

We have carefully researched Covetrus and feel very comfortable with the products and services they provide for our clients and pets. All of the products that they offer are safe and guaranteed by the product manufacturer. Due to this direct relationship with the manufacturers, we can offer the same incentive discounts and rebates that you get at our office. Shipping is quick and often free depending on your order. 


Emergency Rooms

There are two emergency rooms we recommend in the area if your pet needs care overnight, after hours, or more extensive therapy. Both emergency rooms are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

Blue Pearl Veterinary Emergency Partners

Although there are multiple locations, the closest one to our clinic is 3000 Busch Lake Blvd. You may call them directly at 813-933-8944. Blue Pearl also has specialty departments if your pet needs continuous, specialty care. This link below will take you directly to their website:



Veterinary Emergency Group has several locations, the closest hospital to our clinic located at 238 E. Bearss Ave. You may call them directly at 813-265-4043. This link below will take you directly to their website. 



IDEXX is the laboratory company we use to send out your pet’s blood work, fecal samples, urine samples, or if your pet needs a specialized test. Their quick results allow us to make decisions faster and can save valuable time when treating your pet. For most tests, we can expect results within a couple days, allowing our doctors to review the lab work and create an effective treatment plan with owners the same week. 



Pet health insurance can be a great tool while caring for your pets. Although there are several companies, one we work closely with is Trupanion. They help to cover diagnostic tests, medications, surgeries, orthotic and mobility devices, supplements, advanced dentistry, rehabilitation modality, taxes, and more. 

The wellness plans offered at our clinic are NOT pet insurance. Insurance companies will not cover exam fees or preventative care (spay, neuter, or vaccines). This is the main difference between our wellness plans and pet insurance. To make sure your pet is fully covered and to better understand their needs, feel free to reach out to us or them. We have provided the link to Trupanion below. 

If your pet does have insurance, payment is due by the owner at the time of service. An invoice is provided so you may be reimbursed by your company. We also send any medical records required by your insurance in order for them to process the claim. These records are sent via email the same day the request is received. 



Lap of Love

Lap of Love is an at home euthanasia and hospice service that serves the Tampa and St. Pete area. Their services allow you to keep your pet comfortable or say goodbye in the comfort of your home. This link below will take you to their website to read more about them and the services they provide. 




MOVES is a mobile veterinary specialist service we use for our pets that need some extra diagnostics. We work closely with them to perform ultrasounds that are needed to further treat your furry friend. Dr. North is a board certified small animal internist that comes to our office to perform this procedure upon scheduled request. 


Pet Angel

Pet Angel Memorial Center continues caring for your pet once their time has come. We have partnered with them as they share our passion for our furry loved ones and show this through their support and respect for our owners and patients. Whether the loss is expected or unexpected, our clinic and our memorial center share your grief. We are both here to help you make decisions in these hard times. This link below will take you to their website where you can see the different cremation services and products they have available. 




Zoetis is a manufacturing company that provides our patients with several of their products. Some of our canine parents will be familiar with Apoquel, Cerenia, Convenia, Cytopoint, Palladia, Proheart, Rimadyl, Simparica, and Simparica TRIO. Some of our feline parents will be familiar with Cerenia, Convenia, Clavamox, and Revolution Plus. We trust them to help us care for your pets and ours.


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