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We invite you to shop at our online pharmacy where you’ll find the largest selection of prescription medications and pet supplies at the very best prices.

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Don’t Risk Your Pet’s Health With The Wrong Online Pharmacy

Using online pharmacies can be simple and cost effective, but over the years we have discovered that some of these pharmacies are supplying counterfeit, mislabeled, and mishandled products that are unsafe for your pets! For this reason, we now ONLY authorize prescription requests from our online pharmacy partner, VetsFirstChoice.

Advantages Of Our Online Pharmacy

  • Safety
    We have carefully researched VetsFirstChoice and feel very comfortable with the products and services they provide for our clients. All of the products that they offer are safe and guaranteed by the product manufacturer.
  • Cost
    Our online pharmacy is extremely cost-competitive when compared to other online stores. Because VetsFirstChoice products are supplied directly from the manufacturers, we can offer you the same incentive discounts and rebates that you get at our office.
  • Convenience
    Shipping is quick and often free depending on your order.

Changes To Ensure The Safety Of Your Pets

Gregory Veterinary Clinic will no longer authorize prescription requests from online pharmacies other than VetsFirstChoice. If you prefer to accept the risks of purchasing your pet’s medications from another resource, we will provide you with a written prescription at your pet’s examination visit. (If your pet has been examined by one of our doctors within the past 12 months, you can call and request a written prescription to pick up at our office.)

Your pet’s safety is our primary concern. We hope you find our online store to be a better, safer, and more convenient way of purchasing products for your furry friends. Please contact us at (813) 968-5515 if you have any questions or concerns.

**We will be doing our best to help transfer any current auto ships over to our new online pharmacy.  You should receive an email with a link to set up your order, if you do not, please call and we will assist with any questions!  We appreciate your patience!


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