Laser Therapy


What is Laser therapy?

Laser therapy (photobiomodulation) is a scientifically proven way to reduce your pet’s inflammation and pain. This is done by targeting your pet’s damaged cells with a dose of light energy which also aids in faster healing. This drug-free, side-effect free treatment can be used as an adjunct to your pet’s prescribed treatment plan. 

What does a treatment entail?

Your veterinarian will first assess a pet’s pain management needs to determine whether he or she is a good candidate for laser therapy. It is not recommended for pets with cancer to have laser therapy as it could worsen or spread the malignancy.

In order to complete treatment, both the technician and pet will be wearing goggles for protection. The treatment itself involves a handpiece that is passed over the injury. Depending on your pet’s condition, a contact or non-contact applicator will be used. There is no shaving or clipping of the pet’s fur. During the treatment, your pet will feel a gentle, soothing warmth as their pain is eased. Most pets are very relaxed during treatments, some even falling asleep. 

What conditions can benefit with laser therapy?

Laser therapy can effectively reduce pain and inflammation associated with a variety of acute and chronic conditions, including:


Is this a one-time treatment?

Depending on your pet’s condition, this therapy may be more effective as a one-time treatment or in a group setting. The doctor will create a custom treatment plan. Dogs and cats generally receive the greatest pain relief benefits from a series of eight to ten sessions, usually starting two to three times weekly, tapering down to weekly appointments.

For this reason, please discuss with your vet what they recommend your little one needs. If a group is recommended, our clinic offers laser packages that include ten treatments. For pricing and more details, please call today at 813-968-5515. 


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